Are you tired of hunting and pecking your way around the computer keyboard? Do you have to ask someone every time you want to save, cut, or copy? If so, this is the class for you. Word Processing students will learn the basics of keyboarding and how to use the tool bar of word processing programs with speed and accuracy.

Students will learn the “9 Key Ps” of digital citizenship. Passwords, Privacy, Personal Information, Property, Permissions, Protection, Professionalism, Personal Brand, Photographs

Students will learn to navigate the ins and outs of Google: docs, slides, sheets, forms, and photos, and Google Classroom.

Students will learn the skills necessary to create their own 3-D designs using TinkerCad. Students will “print” their final designs.

Students will develop critical thinking skills by using a variety of problem-solving games and apps.

Students will develop skills in digital photography that include, taking photos, editing skills: enhance, rotate, crop, filter, adjust and retouch. Students will produce a digital photography slide presentation.

Students will learn or enhance their proficiency in the proper posture and ergonomics of typing. locating and using letters and number keys with correct left /right hand placement, locate and use correct finger/hand for spacebar, return/enter and shift key. Students will gain proficiency and speed. Students will also learn: Proper log-on log-off procedures including user names and passwords, Proper computer terminology: i.e. monitor, tool bar, How to access their GAFE accounts, How to use an input device to select an item and navigate the screen, How to use a word processing application to write, edit, print and save simple assignments.

Photographs can be used as forms of expression in which memories are shared and important events are documented. Photojournalists participating in this class will learn to photograph and write for different purposes. Projects for this class include personal photo essays, lessons in photo composition, use of the internet to explore words and works of famous photojournalists, creating books of poetry that include their own photographs or other photojournalism projects determined together with the teacher. They will also learn some basics of digital editing. Students have access to a point and shoot digital cameras, and iPads.

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