Hip hop class at Hillside is a fun combination of exercise and hip hop dancing set to appropriate hip hop music. Students learn to stay on the tempo of the music, how to isolate parts of their bodies, hip hop turns, fast footwork and floor work. Finally, dancers will use hip hop dance vocabulary to create their own choreography and express themselves through dance.


CI Dance is an advanced dance program that offers students in-depth dance training in preparation for performance opportunities. Dancers are expected to learn proper dance alignment, basic dance technique and dance terminology. Dancers work on lifting partners and weight sharing, gaining strength and building bonds with other dancers while growing as artists and having fun. 


Intro to Dance is an introductory course that gives students a taste of different dance styles. Students will learn basic dance movements, work on counting music and coordination and control over their bodies. They will learn a variety of movement phrases and choreograph their own by using improvisation as their entry point. This course gives students an opportunity to find the dance style that is right for them! 


Ballet/Modern teaches students basic movements from each dance style. They will learn the dynamic qualities of dance, simple movement phrases that include level, spatial and tempo changes and choreographic devices to create their own dances. Ballet and modern dance history will be taught through the study of iconic modern and ballet choreographers and their dances. 


Jazz/Lyrical teaches students the dynamic movements of jazz dance set to fun pop music. Students work on isolations, jazz walks, turns and leaps, pivots and more. Students will learn jazz dance history and its significance in American culture. Dancers will have the opportunity to create their own mini dances by using jazz/lyrical dance vocabulary and working in partners and groups. 

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