This course utilizes puzzles that will help students develop their skills in arithmetic, geometry, problem solving, number sense and logical thinking which form the foundation of mathematical understanding. Math puzzles are fun, challenging, and rewarding. Beyond simple enjoyment and satisfaction, puzzles provide wonderful opportunities for learning. Challenging puzzles offer children a chance to practice skills they already know and also to stretch their minds and extend their knowledge by discovering new ideas.

Measurement takes students on a deeper journey of using geometric tools to solve real life problems. Students will be exposed to the customary and metric systems of length, mass, and capacity. Students will learn the basics of scaling shapes, measuring with fractions, and learn how math can connect to the visual arts.

CI MATH 5 (parts 1 and 2)
This class is an introduction to advance students’ skills in the topics of pre-algebra, geometry, and probability. Students will explore the world of solving for an unknown, whether in an equation or in a figure. Students learn the basics of positive and negative numbers, how to solve two step equations, laws of exponents, graphing coordinates, and solving proportions. Students will also learn to calculate the probability of dependent and independent events.

Stretch, flex, and strain…is this ATHLETICS? No, it’s MATHLETICS!! Athletes stretch, flex muscles, and push their bodies to often exhausting physical limits in order to attain rewarding goals. Mathletes stretch, flex and push their mathematical minds. Everyday Mathletics is designed to challenge mathletes to do just that by using a compilation of “brain blasters” to jog math mind and to strengthen young math students’ skills in attaining rewarding goals.

This course offers challenging math concepts to 3rd grade students. This course will dig deep into the foundations of pre-algebra. The students will use the concepts they have already learned and build on them as they work on accelerated level activities. They are guaranteed to be challenged and will enjoy all that they learn as they continue to advanced mathematics. This is a one-cycle course.

This advanced course is packed with mathematical puzzles, riddles, tricks and problems. This challenging workshop is for the student who is ready to go beyond the basic skills.

The Focus is on logic based activities that cover the national math standards for fifth grade. The curriculum covers areas of algebra, statistics, measurement, geometry, probability, estimation and most importantly, problem solving. Students are encouraged to use models, scrap paper and white boards. They can skip around on activities and work at their own pace.

Students will explore many math concepts using a variety of materials: pattern blocks, tangrams, rods, pentaminoes, and construction projects. Divergent thinking and spatial concepts are emphasized.

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