This is an introductory course in which the student explores, develops and expresses ideas and feelings through dramatic enactment. This course is designed for anyone who wishes to stretch his or her imagination and increase self-confidence. Students work toward developing voice, physicality, imagination, focus, concentration and empathy while building ensemble. Students will learn basic theater vocabulary, including the areas of the theatre and basic stage directions. They may also be exposed to pantomime, character development, improvisation, audition technique and rehearsal etiquette. It is strongly recommended that any student interested in auditioning for Traveling Troupe or participating in Play Production take at least one Cycle of this course (or CI Drama).

Students are screened into this advanced acting course. Focus of the course is on developing the actor’s instrument (voice, body and imagination), along with the craft of acting. Method work is introduced, including an exploration of the concepts of blocking and business, objective and obstacle, circumstances and relationship, interior monologue and moment before. Students are exposed to the ideas of different practitioners including Stanislavski, Uta Hagen and Stella Adler.

The elements of musical production, emphasizing ensemble work, will be taught in a rehearsal atmosphere. Acting, dance, solo and choral work will be combined to create a work representing the talents of the class. “Traveling Troupe” will then present their showcase to senior citizens at various locations in the Montclair area. It is strongly recommended that any student interested in this course take at least one Cycle each of General or CI Chorus, AND Creative Dramatics or CI Drama. STUDENTS MUST AUDITION FOR THIS COURSE.

The elements of musical production will be taught, involving the student in the production process from audition to opening night. Rehearsals will include the basics of voice and body projection, stage movement, and performance presence. Acting, dance, solo, and choral work will be combined to create a work representing the talents of the cast. One Saturday rehearsal is mandatory. PREREQUISITE: Creative Dramatics or CI Drama

This is a study and exploration of William Shakespeare’s plays, time period and characters. The class will perform selective work at the end of the cycle.

This course is a two Cycle course intended for those students who wish to crew the annual Play Production. In the first Cycle, students will learn about technical theatre, including the geography of the theatre, and work of the stage manager from concept meeting to closing night. Students will be well versed in technical theatre terminology and the production calendar. In the second Cycle, students will apply their knowledge to the show being performed that year; including learning and rehearsing all set changes for which they will be responsible.

This is a writing class, not an acting class. Students will learn the basic text features of a script; play writing terminology and the importance of conflict in dramatic structure. The class is spent learning by doing – through a series of varied writing prompts students will write short dramatic works in class and experience hearing their work read aloud by fellow students before moving on to revising and editing that work.

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