Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal

General Drop-off/Pick‐up Rules

At no time are parents permitted to enter the staff parking lot with their cars between the times of 8:30am – 4:30pm. We have had way too many close calls with students and moving vehicles. Your vehicle will be towed. Each parking spot in the STAFF ONLY PARKING LOT is assigned to an employee.

At no time are parents permitted to drop‐off or pick-up on Hillside Avenue (side that aligns the school building) HILLSIDE AVENUE is our bussing drop-off and pick-up area.

Changes in dismissal must be in writing to the classroom teacher. Plan in advance and send a note to the teacher in advance. Calling into the classrooms to announce changes disrupts everyone’s instruction and can lead to confusion for the children at the end of the day.
Please do not call the office to change dismissal arrangements, however, in case of a true emergency then please contact our main office for assistance.

Arrival Procedures (Arrival: Full-day 9:20am - doors open at 9:10am; Delayed Opening 11:20am - doors open at 11:10am)

Hillside students MUST be dropped off on St. Luke's Place, the established STUDENT DROP-OFF ZONE. St. Luke's Place is located on the backside of the school. We recommend you

approach the school by way of South Mountain Ave, DROP-OFF IS ON THE NORTHBOUND SIDE of the street.

St. Luke's Place is a DROP & GO Area – parents should not get out of their vehicles. Please be reminded that there should be no drop-off on Orange Road. Bussing is encouraged if students qualify for bussing.

Dismissal Procedures (Dismissal ‐ Full-day 3:35pm; Abbreviated Day 2:10pm)

All parents/caregivers are required to complete the Policy 8601
Student Dismissal Form

Bussers – If you designate your child as a BUSSER, then they will wait in their homeroom until their bus number is called. * More information outlined below.

Walkers – If you designate your child as a WALKER, then they will be escorted to a designated pick-up area by their homeroom teacher. Your child is NOT allowed to run off to find you, you must locate the teacher and receive your child from the homeroom teacher’s care.

• ALL 4th and 5th graders must be picked-up by a designee on the FRONT LAWN (Orange Rd.).
• ALL 3rd graders must be picked-up by a designee at the cafeteria/wall-ball area (St. Luke's Place).

**There is no longer such thing as a CAR-POOLER. If your child is being picked-up by a designee or if your child walks home from school, then they are considered a WALKER.**

If a child is not picked up by 3:50pm, then they will be brought to the Main Office.

Other After-school Dismissal Options (when enrolled and/or invited):

1) PTA After School Enrichment Programs ~ Explorers & Pop-Up Workshops
2) YMCA Aftercare ( you must be signed up and registered)

YMCA Before & After School Care Program

Before and after school care is available at Hillside for students of parents desiring this service. This program is sponsored by the Montclair YMCA not Hillside School. **DROP-OFF is at the cafeteria DOOR - G on St. Lukes Place, NOT via the Staff Only Parking Lot. Contact: Michael Moro at the Montclair YMCA (973-415-6114) for more information.


Children who are eligible for transportation through the Board of Education will be dismissed to their assigned bus at 3:35pm. Students should be picked up on time at their bus stop. *Check Genesis – Parent Access for Bus Routes

If a student is not picked up at their bus stop on a regular basis, he/she/they will be suspended from taking the bus.

Changes in dismissal must be in writing by a parent/guardian. If a note is not received from a parent/guardian indicating the student should not take the bus, the student will be put on the bus at dismissal. ONLY students assigned to the bus are allowed to ride the bus. Students are not allowed to bring a friend who is not assigned that bus.

Please address your questions and/or concerns to our Transportation Department Supervisor Sheila Maurice (973) 509 – 4000 ex: 50609 or [email protected]

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